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Frequently Asked Live Stream Questions



Lighting / Sound

Lighting / Sound

It is essential that people can see and hear you well and to achieve this we have listed a few key points to consider below…

1) Make sure you have good ‘front light’, meaning the light shines brightly on your face. Natural light in your location is the best choice but if this is not available then using alternative light sources is a must.

2) Avoid sitting in front of a window or mirror. If you do need to sit in front of a window, close the blinds/curtains.

3) Choose a quiet environment to broadcast from, any background noises can be picked up by the microphone and distract a presentation.

4) Where possible, use an external microphone as these provide higher-quality audio. Be sure to choose this microphone as your source within the broadcast platform.



Your background should be considered to enhance your professional image and should be aligned with your message. Here are a few key points…

1) Try to avoid a cluttered background or anything that could be distracting to the viewer.

2) Check to see if your platform supports ‘virtual backgrounds’. Tools such as Zoom and Teams allow you to blur your background or choose an image to replace your background that can enhance your professional prescence. Be careful not to choose a background that could distract from it however.

Image Framing

Image Framing

Image framing is important to enhance the overall look to the video and ensure a professional broadcase.
Here are a few key points to consider…

1) Ensure as much as possible that you are positioned in the middle of the picture and try and stay there throughout the broadcast,

2) Leave a little space around you on the sides and head so that none of your head is cut off during the broadcast.

3) Don’t get too close to the camera, a little distance is a good thing. Try practicing your positioning and distance before going live.

4) If possible, try and place a nice feature behind you on one side of the framed shot. Items such as a plant, bookcase or photo work well to enhance the overall look.



It is crucial you are comfortable with the technology and operation of the broadcast before going live. Here are some key points to remember…

1) If using a phone/tablet device as your camera, please ensure it is in landscape orientation (on its side).

2) Avoid recording handheld footage, your device should be placed on a steady surface and secured to ensure it doesn’t fall over.

3) Where possible, connect your device directly to your internet router with a CAT5/Ethernet cable. If you need to rely on Wi-Fi then try and pick a room/location that has the best coverage to avoid drop-outs or poor image quality.

4) If using a laptop, try and connect it to the mains power supply to avoid the battery dying during the broadcast.

5) Be sure to check that your device microphone is working and that your speakers are turned up. Use headphones where possible during the broadcast.



Just as if you were doing an in-person presentation, craft your presentation to engage the audience. Here are some top tips…

1) Try presenting whilst looking direct into the camera and not at the screen or notes etc. This takes some practice, but it makes the viewer feel as if you are looking right at them. Some presenters turn off their self-view so that they aren’t distracted by their own image.

2) Just like in a live presentation, you want to present with a little energy and animation. Too slow or too monotone in your voice makes it easy for folks to disengage and tune out. Keeping people engaged virtually requires you to actually be engaging.

3) Be sure to pace yourself, even though you want to infuse some animation and energy into your presentation, don’t pump up the speed too much. If you tend to be a fast talker in real life, practice slowing down just a bit. If you’re a slow talker, you may want to speed up just a bit.