Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer many of the common questions our clients have about event streaming.

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Frequently Asked Live Stream Questions


What internet speed do I need to create a live stream?

The quality of the video you can stream is defined by your internet’s upload speed. As an example, YouTube HD Video streaming requires a minimum video bitrate of 3.5 Mbps. You need a little headroom so if you have a 4Mbps upload speed you are safe.

We will work with you beforehand however to ascertain your internet connection speed and can also look to provide a temporary solution via leased line or satellite if required.

Can you provide an internet connection if one does not exist?

We will always work with you beforehand and if required, we can provide a temporary solution via leased line, 4G bonding or satellite if required.

Do you provide all equipment required for a stream?

Absolutely! We can provide as much or as little as required to create a live stream. From control to cameras and everything in between. We also have all the production equipment required to provide extras to your event such as lighting, sound, staging, screens, set and more. Please get in touch for more information.

Can I stream to my own existing website or intranet?

Absolutely! If required, we can give you an embed code for the stream that you can place on the pages required. We can also enable domain-level security for the stream to ensure it can only be viewed in the correct places!

We can also embed our audience interactivity functionality on your existing web page if required. Please get in touch to discuss further.

Can you offer a 'white-label' service approach?

Well funnily enough, our parent-company is called ‘White Event Production’, and the reason being is that we are very much ‘white-label’ and work with companies and other events agencies of all shapes and sizes as a silent partner.

Our streams/microsites are branded entirely with your details/imagery and not ours. Our on-site team are happy to wear any branded clothing provided or we can wear plain show-blacks.

You can be assured that we are completely white-label and will try and remain as discrete as possible to work with you and become a part of your brand for the event.

What types of events do you cover?

We cover all types of events and for all sizes. Typically we cover events such as corporate conferences, AGMs, financial updates, product launches, music festivals and theatrical performances. However we are happy to help with any type of project, in-fact we thrive on doing something new!

Can you provide streaming analytics?

Yes! As standard we will provide live streaming analytics as well as audience interaction analytics (if applicable). We can also continue to provide analytics to any post-event DVR viewing so you are always aware when, where and how your content is being viewed.

Can you provide other AV equipment and personnel?

Quite simply, yes! We are a full event production company based in Milton Keynes and as such can offer all equipment for an event such as sound, lighting, staging, set, cameras, screens and much more!

We are extremely lucky to have a team of very talented crew in all areas of events from producers, directors, production managers, AV technicians, IT technicians, show-callers, carpenters and more.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements or visit our event production site by clicking here.

Can you offer 4K streaming / recording?

Of course! All our cameras are 4K capable which means that we can record/stream your event in 4K, 1080P or 720P depending on your requirements.

4K does offer that extra level of ‘WOW‘ to a stream due to its clarity which is often an added nicety to your audience, however this does require increased internet bandwidth.

What is the difference between a webcast and webinar?

The main difference between a webcast and a webinar is how the video is delivered to the end-user.

Typically, a webinar would be a live meeting that could take place anywhere in the world and use a popular video-meeting tool such as Skype or Zoom. Multiple participants can join and share video, audio and documents. This happens in almost real-time with very little delay. However quality of video and audio can be compromised heavily due to compression and usually the use of built-in webcams. Webinars can have limitations on how many viewers can watch at once.

A webcast or live stream is different in that it requires specialist encoding equipment to take a captured video and audio feed via professional equipment and adjust it to be sent up to a streaming server where viewers can watch the feed. Because of the encoding required to add all the cleverness to a live stream, a delay of approx 20 seconds is added between the presenter/s speaking and the end-users seeing this online via your chosen streaming service. Webcasting and live-streaming has no limitations on how many people can watch at once as all our content goes via CDN servers to evenly distribute it across the world.

Can my audience ask questions during a stream?

Absolutely! We thrive on creating clever audience interactivity options and Q&A is a common one. We can add many functionalities to a live stream such as audience questions, live-polling, wordclouds, Quizzes and much more!

Full analytics can be provided post-event and we can remove the interactivity modules once the stream has finished so that users can watch the playback (if required) without the live interactivity options.

Can I add a password or registration to my stream?

Yes! We can add either a simple password option or full branded user registration route that can capture any information you need and help ensure only the correct people are registering. We can add extra layers of security such as event admins having to pre-authorise a registration before the viewer is allowed in for example.

With our registration route, we can then provide full real-time analytics as to who has registered and whether they are watching the live stream (and even for how long!).

Our bespoke registration platform allows endless possibilities and we can send our confirmation emails, add booking management portals plus much more.

Can you build a branded microsite for my stream?

It’s what we do best! Our talented team of IT and website architects will work with you to create a fully bespoke and branded microsite for your event if required. This site can then host the stream as well as any audience interactivity, post-event feedback and registration data.

As our sites are bespoke and tailored to you, it means we REALLY CAN just about tailor however you like. The majority of our clients like us to create microsites that are based around the look of their existing corporate websites for a really smooth transition for delegates.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

Can you film and record my event?

As well as live-streaming, we offer services to film, record and edit events from multiple angles and have all the equipment to do so. We can also shoot extra pieces such as interviews and cutaway shots for a final edit.

Depending on the requirements, we can provide an on-site edit team if the end-production needs to be produced quickly or during the event. Alternatively the footage will be edited in our Milton Keynes studio and sent for your approval/edits.

We can source extra content if required, add graphic overlays such as title bars/captions and even source/add royalty-free music to overlay in the background.

Our friendly and expert team are here to help you. Please get in touch to find out more.

What is DVR?

A DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is the stored copy of your stream which on request, can be made available instantly to your audience once the live stream has finished. This is great for enabling your viewers to play the event back at a later time.

This recording can be kept online for a pre-determined period and can also be password protected if required for maximum security.

Can you provide me a copy of the stream once finished?

We can absolutely provide you with a hard-drive post-event that contains both the full-quality live stream and also the rushes from each of the cameras used so that you have copies of all angles covered.